Square Stone Set Turquoise Silver Signet Ring

Brighton Silver


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Material: Sterling 925 quality Silver (925 Silver, 92.5% Silver Content)
Width: 3.5mm
Depth: 1mm
Stone Dimensions:
Width: 10mm
Length: 11mm
Depth: 6mm
Weight: 6.5g
(All measurements are approximate.)

Our collection of square gemstone Signets is a bold statement and a classic - for men and women alike.

Please note: Natural turquoise is incredibly varied, both in colour from green to bright turquoise blue and in its pattern from plain through to spotted and lined with veins. Turquoise can also include fissures that run along the surface and into the stone. This is all completely natural and will vary from stone to stone. Our photos are to show the design only and the stone you receive will vary both in colour and pattern from that shown. 

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