Sizing Guide

Ring Sizing

Our rings are available in European sizes which are based on the circumference of the ring in millimetres.

As standard UK sizes are based on an older system they do not match up completely but it is easy to convert them over to an EU size.

If you know your UK size, find your size on the chart and opposite and locate the nearest size available on the EU chart.

As each EU size only has a 1mm difference we only stock the even sizes. If your size falls on one of the odd sizes we suggest going down in size for rings with a band size under 4mm and up in size for rings over 4mm.

If you are looking at one of our extra wide rings with a width of 7mm or over we suggest that you order one size bigger than your usual size to allow for the extra width.

If you do not know your size, we sell a fantastic little ring sizing tool here. We'll also send you a discount code for £2 off your next ring purchase.

Adjustable Rings

Some of our rings are adjustable meaning that you do not need to know your size when purchasing making them perfect as gifts.

However, these rings do need to be adjusted in the right way to avoid bending or breaking the ring.

To the adjust the ring you will need a tapered circular tool. (Curling tongs or some hairbrush hair handles) If the ring needs to go smaller place the ring on the tool so it is a little loose and then gently push against the ring from the middle to the outer edge. Adjust it bit by bit until to get to the right size.

If the ring needs to go larger place the ring on the tool and with your palm over the ring, twist your hand around the tool until you get to the right size.

Please note, our adjustable rings are not designed to be adjusted by pushing the open ends together. This will result in too much pressure being put on the ring and will cause the ring to break. We also suggest that you limit the amount of times you adjust a ring as too much movement will weaken the silver over time.