Multisizer Finger Measuring Ring Sizer Gauge

Brighton Silver


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Unsure of what size ring you need to order...

Don't Panic, we sell the perfect tool to help you figure it out.  Just £2 including postage.

And there's more!  We'll include a discount code in with your Multisizer that will take £2 off your next ring purchase.  So it's basically free!

This ingenious little device works a bit like a belt.  You simply push the end through the buckle to form a circle.  Slip the Multisizer onto your finger and adjust it to give a comfortable fit, checking that it slips back over the knuckle.  When you've found the best fit you just read off the size indicated by the arrow. 

The Multisizers are based on UK sizing and we sell our products by the measurement of each ring in millimetres but this is easily converted using our chart available on our Ring Sizes page.