Our Local Sussex Based Community/Environmental activities


In 2021 Brighton Silver helped crowdfund a local charity called The Wood Store for setting up a workshop for volunteers, learning wood based crafts.  They offer hands-on training  and have bespoke, reclaimed-timber tables and locally-sourced premium Nordmann Firs for sale. We like the tables and stools so much that we use them in our offices.

 Wood Store Brighton

We have reached our target of planting 150 trees, locally, in Sussex. Small trees, from the Woodland Trust were planted by us over a 2 hectare area. We are gradually replacing the ash trees that have ash dieback with Wild Cherry, Oaks and Hornbeam trees.

tree planting

Our customers can help with our plant a tree project. By donating £1 whilst making a purchase, we will make sure that a tree is planted for you, we will match your payment and of course will cover the rest of the costs and invite you to take part if interested.

We were certified as a carbon balanced company in 2021 by the World Land Trust, which is a small step in the right direction.

World Land Trust Logo


The Hazel Dormouse Project

We have been building boxes out of long lasting larch wood, which have been put up in local woodland to encourage nesting for endangered hazel dormice.

Sleeping Hazel DormouseHazel Dormouse boxes


Hazel mouse habitats are often old woodland areas linked by well-established hedgerows. The growing human population, urbanisation, habitat fragmentation, the lack of management of woodlands or their removal, has caused the reduction of habitat, leading to the drop in populations of both them and apex predators such as buzzards.