Engraving Policy

Brighton Silver Engraving and Customisation Terms & Conditions


Before purchasing an engraved item, the following terms and conditions come with the order.

  • We reserve the right to refuse any message that could be considered obscene or offensive.
  • We are unable to exchange, refund or size any item once it has been engraved. Please make sure you have purchased the right item and/or size BEFORE we have engraved the item.
  • We will engrave your message EXACTLY as it is supplied in the form, Please make sure the message you provide is spelled correctly including the correct capitalisation and punctuation marks.
  • We are unable to exchange or refund the item once engraved and a fee will be payable to rectify any errors once this item is purchased (any errors made by us will be rectified free of charge).
  • We will endeavour to engrave your item on the same day of purchase, however this may not be possible, so please allow up to 3 working days.

Thank you for your understanding, and by purchasing an engraved item you agree to these terms and conditions.