COVID-19 Prevention

Brighton Silver is now open 7 days a week ! At last.... I can see and feel the energy and vibrancy of the North Liane returning.
We are still doing repairs, alterations and designs in our workshop, plus offering our services online.
Our staff are observing specific COVID-19 government guidelines, regarding social distancing, PPE and health and safety at work, and shopping on the street will reflect this.
All jewellery and packaging is cleaned and/or sterilised before shipment.   
Please have a little patience, if our delivery times take a little longer than usual, our silversmiths are very busy, perhaps making adjustments for your order, and we are learning how to fulfil orders more effectively.
We thank you for your eager use of our website and rest assured we will continue to donate at least 2% of our revenues to environmental and educational charities.
Be safe