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Shaped Amber Brooch

Brighton Silver


Beautiful Shaped Amber brooches set in silver.

The amber present in these designs comes all the way from a place called Gdansk in Poland. Famous for its abundance and excellent quality specimens of this gorgeous material. This ensures that we find the best quality amber and the best finish on our brooches and other amber pieces.

They are great for using as scarf, hat or tie pins, as well as decorative pieces on any garment. 

Each piece is so individual, that they make fantastic gifts for amber lovers, or even if the person in mind doesn't usually wear amber, they are one of our favourites and are very popular as gifts for women of all ages. 

The varieties to choose from are as follows:

Amber Hornet Brooch £30

Amber Butterfly Brooch £40

Amber Mouse Brooch £15 (available in Cherry, Congac and Milky Amber)

Amber Dragonfly Brooch £35 (avaiable in All Congnac, or a variety of ambers in one piece)

Amber Rose Brooch £40

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