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Supporting Pratham

Here at Brighton Silver we are incredibly passionate about giving back to the communities where we source our products.  As a large proportion of our jewellery is made in India, we give at least 5% of our profits to a very important charity called Pratham.

Pratham was founded in 1994 by Unicef and the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai in order to support the education of children living in slums in and around the city.  Since its beginning, the charity has grown and is now present in 20 states across India and has helped over 36 Million children.  It is currently the largest NGO (Non Government Organisation) in India.

Read India

Pratham's flagship campaign 'Read India' was launched in 2007 to tackle India's literacy issues.  Although India has a high attendance level for schooling it is home to 40% of the worlds illiterate with over 50% of Grade 5 (10-11 year old) children barely able to read after 4-5 yrs at school.

The Read India campaign helps children between the ages of 6-14 years of age.  The help to provide a wide variety of books and materials to every Pratham aided school around the country and use intensive learning camps, alongside campaign set targets and grades to help guide and encourage the children.

Read India has reached around 36.4 Million children, covered over half of the 600,000 villages in India and to date has over 450,000 volunteers.


Pratham Second Chance

In India, 70% of all students drop out of school before Grade 10 and that percentage is much higher amongst the female population.  Pratham Second Chance, is a project aimed at girls who have dropped out of the school system, offering them a second chance at the education they missed out on.

Pratham Second Chance is a 15 month programme.  The girls partake in a foundation course, after which they spend one week a month at an intensive training centre.  The girls have local tutors who help them with their lessons and homework on a daily basis to help keep them focused and on track.

Pratham Institute

Pratham Institute is a campaign which provides individuals with skills to improve their employment prospects.  Currently, only 5% of the 250 Million young people in India are provided with vocational training after education.

Pratham Institute provides vocational skills training and job opportunities to underprivileged young people from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.  They help young people to build confidence and develop the skills needed to meet the labour demands of high-growth sectors in India and to create entrepreneurs through mentoring and financial support.  Currently, 90% of graduates find work after their training. 

For more information and to donate to this fabulous and extremely important charity, please visit

If you would like to run a fundraising event or volunteer yourself, please contact the Pratham UK office on