Amber has been appreciated for its colour and natural beauty since the Stone Age around 13,000 years ago.

Amber started its transformation as resin from ancient pine trees.  Over millions of years the combination of complex chemical processes and the enormous pressure of compression by rocks and glaciers fossilized the resin into what we find today.  Once in the hands of a highly skilled craftsman, its opaque crust is removed and the stone polished to reveal its colour and beauty.

Amber can be found in many places around the world but it is along the Baltic Coast region of north-eastern Europe that is regarded as the best source for gemstone quality Amber and the city of Gdansk in Poland is the Capital of Baltic Amber craftsmanship.

It is this type of Amber that we use in our jewellery pieces, sourcing the best quality stones and silver settings to create the most beautiful and unique designs for you to own and treasure. 

The jewellery below can all be made using Amber, take a look!