Our Top 5 Rings

May 08, 2020

Our Top 5 Rings

Brighton Silver's Top Five Rings


Here at Brighton Silver, we have an amazing selection of rings to choose from, and we know that narrowing it down can be a little tricky when so much is on offer.

That's why we decided to do the hard work for you! We've searched through every ring available and selected our top five favourites.


1 - £10 3mm Silver Ring

3mm Silver Ring in Polished & Hammered FinishYou can't go wrong with this ring! It is our top selling ring of all time on our stall in Brighton. Who could say no to a silver ring for just £10? At 3mm thick it is strong enough to wear all of the time and it is available in 13 different sizes. You can choose from the polished version or you can let us take a hammer to it, gently of course, which leaves small indents across the surface creating a more rustic, matt effect.

View our £10 3mm Silver Ring


2 - Adjustable Silver Leaf Ring

Adjustable Leaf ringOur silver leaf ring has been a firm favourite of ours since we first had it made nearly 10 years ago. It's two leaves wrap around the finger like a vine and being adjustable makes it the perfect choice as a gift for a loved one.  

View our Adjustable Silver Leaf Ring

3 - The Des Spinning Ring.

Des Silver Spinning RingOk, so I might be cheating slightly but our Des Spinning Ring is just so good I had to show you both options. Each ring comes with a concave inner band that makes the ring so comfortable to wear it's almost heavenly! Then, as if that wasn't enough each one has three spinning bands for you to twiddle with to your heart's content. All you need to do is decide if the silver one is for you or if the tri-colour version tickles your fancy.

View Des Silver Spinning Ring

View Des Tri-Colour Spinning Ring


4 - Stone Set Square Silver Signet Ring

Turquoise Stone Set Signet RingSignet rings have been making a huge come back over the last few years. Traditionally worn by men on their little finger, they have exploded out their stuffy confines to become one of our most asked for designs, for both men and women. At our stall in Brighton, we stock over ten different designs, most of which we will be adding to our website soon.

View Stone Set Square Silver Signet Ring


5 - Brass Heart Silver Stacking Ring

Brass Heart Silver Stacking RingOozing with cuteness this ring is a perfect addition to anyone's jewellery collection. Part of our stacking ring range it can be worn as part of a set or on its own. I think that it looks great with our little brass pebbles ring as it heart slots into the gaps neatly. Its also a great starter ring and is very popular as a gift for young girls and teens.

View Brass Heart Silver Stacking Ring


View our Plain Silver Ring Collection

View our Stone Set Ring Collection


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