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Our Top 5 Favourite Silver Rings

July 13, 2017

At our Brighton Silver jewellery stall, snuggled in to the hustle and bustle of the Brighton North Laines, we sell a bountiful collection of unusual & stunning sterling silver rings and thought it was time to share our favourite pieces with you. 

We have selected a few to show you, chosen by our loyal customers and our jewellery shop team.  Naturally, we want to share the silver rings which are most cherished and consistently popular with our customers, but choosing our own favourites was a little harder! Our silver ring collection gets regular new additions each time our owner, Sven, visits India to bring back the latest gems, making it increasingly difficult to select our faves!

That said, we sat down with our Bagelman & Smallbatch coffee and let the soothing sound of squawking seagulls allow us to focus and narrow down a selection.

1 - Adjustable Wrap-around Silver Leaf Ring

leaf wrap around silver ring top 5

 This leaf ring was an easy choice! It still remains our most popular silver ring on the stall and has been a favourite of our customers ever since we first had it made.

This ring wraps so beautifully around the finger and can adjust to any size, making it the perfect ring to buy online or as a surprise gift for someone without needing to ask them what size they need.

SHOP Silver Leaf Wrap Ring >



2 - Silver Hammered Flat Ring

silver hammered flat band ringOne of the reasons we love this hammered silver ring so much is because we hammer it ourselves in our workshop, so no two rings are ever the same.

We use a mandril and a metal hammer to knock rivets into a flat silver band, leaving a dented pattern which looks rustic and unusual, also leaving more of a matt-effect. These are always popular as gifts because they are so unique, and they look good on both men & women so they really are versatile!

SHOP Hammered Silver Ring Band >


3 - Large Amber & Silver Ring with Cognac Amber Stone

large amber silver ring our top 5We couldn't possibly compile a list of our favourite silver rings without including our favourite semi-precious stone; Amber.

Choosing just one favourite ring was difficult because all of our Amber Silver rings are unique according to the stone itself. We make the silver band fit around the unique stone, creating another one-off piece that comes with a story of its own.  However, this one is a gorgeous shape which really elongates the finger and is made from stunning Cognac Amber which we just love!  This ring is also adjustable making it another perfect gift idea or a risk-free ring to buy online!

SHOP Large Cognac Amber Ring >


4 - Multi Metal Twiddle Ring

multi metal twiddle ring our top 5We stock a huge range of twiddle rings, named this way because they are just so fantastic to fiddle with due to the rotating centre bands. These rings are ever-popular with people who can't keep their hands still, as well as just about anyone who likes a chunkier piece of jewellery for everyday wear.

We like this one in particular because the central rotating bands are made from silver, copper and brass, making this ring very versatile with people who wear both silver and gold.

SHOP Multi-metal twiddle ring >


5 - Flat Silver Armour Ring - a real statement piece!

silver armour statement piece ringThis ring is an absolute fave of ours, simply because it is so unusual and is a real statement ring! The sterling silver design covers the whole finger, including the knuckle and up to the nail and is becoming a bit of a favourite with our customers too!

We hear these rings are hard to find, and so they should be! When you are wearing a silver ring as stunning as this, you want to be the only one! (Fear not though, we have a few for sale!)

SHOP Silver Flat Armour Ring >

Which of one of our silver ring collection do you like? We always love to hear what people think of our jewellery. Even more so, we love getting an order for one of our unique pieces and packaging with love to send on to you.






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