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A Wander around the Brighton North Laine - Part Three

July 04, 2017

In case you were wondering guys, the goldfish suit went down a treat. I am now looking for a new place to live. (If you read the last blog you will know what I am talking about, if not, what are you doing starting a four-part blog from part three? Go back this instant and I'll see future you in a minute when you've stopped being silly)

Welcome back, future you and everyone else who has already begun the journey like a normal person. So I think it's probably time for lunch isn't it? I can hear some grumbling tummys. That's right, I said tummy. I live with a 4 and 7 year old, okay?!


We'll head towards North Street if you don't mind because I really fancy a Bagelman. Bagels seem to be my new thing at the moment, they are just so versatile and shiny. Yes, shiny. There aren't many food stuffs which have a sheen. I respect that. My favourite bagel from Bagelman (Bond Street, opposite Costa, North Laine), is a chilli bagel with bacon, avocado, tomato, lettuce, sweet chilli sauce and mayonnaise. It is like eating a crunchy, oozing, chewy piece of delicious, gleaming bready excellence.


Just imagine it, holding that circular pile of gorgeousness with both hands, thumbs squeezing up into it's doughy underbelly and fingertips holding the contents in from above. You stare into its vast middle, trying to calculate exactly where your incisors will dig in first. Your mouth fills with saliva as you move it slowly towards your open mouth. You quickly dart your eyes around the edges, checking for possible quirt points and declare the area safe. You open wider, then jam your teeth shut around it. Okay, calm down everyone, it's only a bagel. Let's move on shall we?

We get our bagel to takeaway and head down towards Wahaca. Wahaca is a slight rule-breaker as it isn't an independent business, it is a small chain of 28. If we hadn't filled up on our beautiful bagel, I would definitely recommend popping in here. Maybe another day.



 bar valentinos brighton new street

Now we'll stroll along New Road. The best cocktail bar in all of Brighton & Hove is on New Road. If you don't already know it, it's called Valentinos (or Bar Valentino, if you want to be all official). You turn left into a little door, followed on by slightly worn, deep red carpeted stairs. You go back on yourself, winding steadily upwards, towards the tiny little space into which the bar, the bar staff and a few little tables & stalls are effortlessly squeezed. The menu itself is divine and the extravagant cocktails are equally as heavenly. You've never seen someone set fire to some orange peel quite so elegantly and purposefully, then delicately place it on the top of an extremely well named beverage.

If today wasn't a school day, we could stay here for a while, perch on the balcony and watch the world go by. It is equally good for people watching here as our jewellery stall, maybe slightly less obvious too, as you are above people, not staring them directly in the eye. But alas, we must move on....


We are coming towards the end of our wander around the Brighton North Laine; part four of our walking tour is just around the corner. We don't really want to stop there because there is so much to see, but we really must get back to our absolute favourite street of them all, Kensington Gardens, home to our Silver Jewellery stall. While you wipe away the Gelato dripping down your forearms or pick out the Bagelman in your teeth, come and have a browse at our unique and unusual silver jewellery collections.


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