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A Wander Around The Brighton North Laine - Part Four

July 08, 2017

Now, don't start crying but this is the very last piece of this four-part tour of the North Laine. I know what you're thinking, 'It's been a real whirlwind adventure and I never want it to end'. Don't you worry my friends, there will be more of the same coming your way very soon, talking about different and exciting subjects relating to brighton silver and interesting things we've been up to. So stay tuned. But for now, lets head back to the silver stall on Kensington Gardens...

Small Batch mmm

The hot sun is beating down on us as we cross onto Jubilee Street and we scan the plethora of wonderful eateries and watering holes. The Jubilee Library to the right & in front of us, and Carluccios restaurant behind us to the left. Take in a deep breath and absorb the glorious aroma of Small Batch coffee shop, just before the library. The amazing quality beans are roasted by Hove Station and the drinks they sell are unbelievable. They also have a lovely little kiosk at Brighton Station where you can drop past and pick up a speedy Macchiato on your way to work. Perfect. 

The wall of expression

As we pass Wagamama on the corner, the vast walls of graffiti loom above us to the left. This is a small part of Brighton which is constantly changing faster than the rest. The colours, patterns and images are painted over on an almost monthly basis. Local and not so local artists come to stamp their names on this well known area of our city. I'll be honest with you, not all of this 'art' is good art. Some is created by incredibly stupid people who, in my opinion, shouldn't be allowed to use pencils, let alone spray cans and pens. The rest is an exotic symphony of talent, passion and expression. There have been some real masterpieces here. The chess set, being my personal favourite I think. If you saw it, you'd know what I mean.


As we finally get back onto the familiar cobble of Kensington Gardens underfoot,we'll pop into PUSSY. Now, the name of this shop might make you do one of three things.  Number One: When mentioning said shop, say the name very, very quickly as if you never said it in the first place and move on swiftly. Number Two: Stifle a giggle every time the 'P' word is uttered by another happy customer or Number Three: (my personal favourite) Say it VERY loudly to confuse/slightly disgust passers by. Whichever way you choose to say this shop's wonderful name, you will no doubt be discussing it's glory. I have loved this shop for many years and will continue to do so. The abundance of amazingly unique gifts and homeware is unrivalled. Many have tried to duplicate but none can compare.

Back home to Brighton Silver

I must be getting back to work now, it's been great chatting and I hope you have enjoyed our little wander of the Brighton North Laine. Why not come with us back to the place where our tour began, brighton silver jewellery stall on Kensington Gardens? We have a little piece of silver beauty for just about everyone!

No time to visit? Browse our silver jewellery collection online!


Photo: courtesy of leonski on Flickr

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